25 Hilarious Stair Design Fails that Will Trip You Up

Stairs can either get you to where you need to go or break you. In some cases, you may end up with a serious head concussion if the stair design was a major accident waiting to happen.

So here are some stair designs with some serious flaws that will totally trip you up or have you running towards the nearest elevator.

The Invisible Last Step

Reddit /shortround10

It’s easy to see the last step when you’re on the ground floor because it’s the only one that isn’t carpeted. However, if you head down the stairs, the last step blends in with the wooden floor, so you’ll probably trip and fall.

The Stairs Are an Illusion

Reddit / Johantm

They might seem like stairs, but they’re more like a slip and slide. That’s because they’re not actually stairs. These are decorative waterfalls, so anyone who tries to walk into them is going to slip and slide their way to the nearest ER.

These Metal Stairs Will Break You

Reddit /Cyreniac

This metal staircase will make your entire body ache just from looking at it. You can almost imagine some prankster lurking under the stairs and trying to grab your feet when you come down so you’ll fall and break every bone in your body.

Stairs? What Stairs?

Reddit /scienceyeaux
The overall look of those lines on the stairs makes it very difficult to tell where a step begins and where it ends, so most people would never be able to tell these are even stairs. This design is better suited for a large carpet.

You’ll Never See Them Coming

Reddit /Vjaa
These flights of stairs are literally in front of that doorway. So, whoever walks through here better be familiar with the layout of this house of horrors. Otherwise, they’ll need a chiropractor to fix their back after they tumble down the stairs.

The Unnecessary Hill Steps

Reddit / Man-Sand
Ever wished someone would build a series of steps for those super steep hills? Well someone did, but on a hill that’s not really steep at all. So why did someone build these here? Maybe they made this in case the grass was too slippery.

These Shaky Glass Stairs

Reddit /TeeMestoil
These stairs look like shards of glass that were jabbed into the side of the wall. There’s no handrail either, so one false step and you’ll wind up tumbling to your doom. But at least the steps have a lovely glow, which is what you’ll have when you wind up with a halo over your head.

Is This a Ladder or a Staircase?

This staircase looks more like a ladder. Unfortunately, there aren’t any handle bars, so you’ll have to lean forward as you climb up and lean back as you climb down so you don’t end up tripping and falling on those narrow steps.

The Eye Teaser

Reddit / ThatJustWontWork
The only thing worse than walking down these stairs in high-heeled shoes is trying to find each step when the stairs are a combination of plaid and pixels. We wouldn’t be surprised if this design totally messed with someone’s head and caused them to trip.

Look Ma! No Railing

Reddit / Peeped
What’s up with these stairs with no railing? Oh sure, the design was probably expensive and artisically whimsical. But who on Earth would think that this design is safe for an adult, let alone an elderly person or a small child?

Built as Shown on Diagram

Reddit / MenacingBanjo
When you look at these stairs, you immediately realize something’s wrong because there’s no way to go up unless you can phase through matter. The designer took the blueprint a little too literally and designed these staircases like the open jaws of an alligator, making it impossible for anyone to walk up.

Stairs for Skinny People Only

Reddit / adynako
There are two sets of stairs going up and down. One is the more common wide set of stairs and the other is a very thin set of stairs, but you’d have to be pretty slim to use it safely. And if someone going down isn’t paying attention, they’ll slice themselves in half with that glass partition that separates the two sets of stairs.

Take the Stairs and Jump

Reddit / SnyperJay
Whoever designed these stairs should get fired because they’re hovering in mid-air. So, anyone walking down these steps while distracted on their phone will need bionic legs or the power to fly because it’s a long way down.

The Kids-Only Stairs

Reddit /CapnRedbeard647
They might seem like regular stairs but there isn’t enough space for a grown adult to walk up without smacking their head against the ceiling. So, it looks like someone designed these stairs for kids or pets only.

The Warped Stairs

Reddit / palegreycells

It’s Foot Braille!

Reddit / clockbird

The Bumpy Wheelchair Ramp

Reddit / Planeguy58

The Kiddie Slide

Reddit / mariii95

It’s a Dead End

Reddit / dylangleit

The Stairs to Nowhere

Reddit /Magic_Dolo

Someone was asking for directions and were directed to these stairs, which obviously have no purpose unless you’re looking to hit your head on that metal pole in frustration or you need a minute to stop and think.

That Last Line’s a Brain Teaser

Reddit /Landash

Climb Towards the Light

Reddit /rileyjw90

These Stairs Are a Total Obstacle

Reddit / Elmaaro

The Stairs Aren’t the Issue Here

Reddit / hatonthefox

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