More Than 20 Biggest Plumbing Construction Mistakes

There is no doubt that architects and engineers know how to do their jobs, amazing buildings, roads, plumbing and other infrastructure that we use every day. Mistakes are normal things that can happen. But sometimes it gets boring because it’s so bad it doesn’t work. In addition, if you want to fix the problem, you will have to pay both money and time.

1.What people are saying by seeing the building can you guess???

Cre: @jilt_architects


2. One small detail can make a big difference…. due to someone’s bad installation, we will be redoing the entire shower… Attention homeowners! hire only licensed professionals 😉

Cre: @tampabayfloors


3. This is mistake of covering… Porper clear cover not provided every side.

Cre: @civiconcepts

4. Can you spot the mistake?

Cre: @inzola_construction

5. Door up side down

Cre: @inzola_construction

6.Lol! That is horrible.

Cre: @paradisaic_inc


7. I am so glad they put a doorstop in my bedroom, it’s super useful.

Cre: @texanhelen


Cre: @zoeinsarajevo

9.Special design or working “under influence”?

Cre: @b.k.o.instgrm

10. how long he can hold the ladder

Cre: @inzola_construction

11. WHAT!!!


Cre: @atspace_ltd

12. What should I do? 

Cre: @atspace_ltd

13. With the block is safer than without the block…. right?

Cre: @constructiondailyreports

14. Nice problem solving

Cre: @construction_comedians

15. Me and the homies been waiting for it

Cre: @catswithhardhats

16.And that’s how when you say, the house is upside down

Cre: @ingenieriacivil_10

17. Always great seeing another fellow electrician taking pride in their work

Cre: @worldofelectricians

18. Non union be like

Cre: @worldofelectricians

19. A quick ride

Cre: @constructiondailyreports

20. Looks like someone skipped construction 101!

Cre: @corpsafetysolutions

21. Lovely!!! 

Cre: @construction_comedians


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