08 Stairs Pics To Prove That These workers Are Very Rich



Staircases are the most difficult of the building components. Since it is usually located in a location with small space, it is so compact that grafting the formwork to create a unobtrusive staircase is a difficult problem for all builders. We have collected pictures of amazing stairs that have been created by the most skilled formwork builders.

#1.1 Stairsway! Very nice piece of work (formwork and concrete)



#2. ?‍♂️ Curved staircase.



#3. Free hanging concrete stairs! Shows with a little example what is possible with concrete.

#4.Stairs are finished!



#5. Precast stairs


#6. Stair formwork


#7. Example of an in situ stairway. it is connected at bottom and bottom with the slabs

8. Stair of residential building, the surface has been scratched to provide connection to the coating

Great product!