Modern Vietnamese Homes With Green Atriums


Atriums bring in glorious natural light and a feeling of uplifting spaciousness. In the case of these three stunning interior designs, the atrium is also a wonderful opportunity to introduce nature’s green beauty, which instills a sense of peace and rejuvenation into the home. Young trees grow within the walls of these houses, which fashions a unique connection between the ground floor living space and bedrooms upstairs. White, wood, and pale grey decor elements provide gentle companions for the botanical theme. Interior windows and juliette balconies take in the benefits of shared light and fresh cross ventilation–proving the atrium just as relevant now as they were in dwellings of ancient Rome.

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Visualizer: Ti Concept
Tree branches tickle the edge of a rising staircase in this 120 square metre home in Vietnam. A bed of shrubs spring around the base of the tree trunk, exploding greenery into the clean white decor scheme.2 |
Natural timber accents warm the ice white room, whilst smoky grey elements add shading and depth.


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The staircase is a modern design that combines a crisp white aesthetic with the natural touch of light wood. The base of the staircase fragments into a series of deeper volumes and extended platforms.4 |
Indoor plants are bedded right into the floor between the lounge area and the dining room to grow a live room divider.5 |
In the kitchen, a stylish linear suspension light illuminates a sleek kitchen island design. A chunky white worktop wraps the sides of the wood effect island in an angled cutaway. White and wood kitchen bar stools complement the look.6 |
Glass vases repeat green accents through the home interior, like little echoes of the main event in the atrium.7 |
Cascading greenery tumbles from an internal juliette balcony at the top of the atrium.8 |
A planter on the other side of the void throws out more foliage.


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A bridging staircase is painted in an unexpected sunny yellow accent shade.10 |
The warming yellow accent continues to colour block the upper staircase.11 |
Potholes cut into the solid sides of balustrade let in light and aid cross ventilation.12 |
The bedroom is a white and concrete design with stark black bedroom pendant lights. The brown platform bed provides a warming element.13 |
A rounded rectangle window frame is twinned with a vanity mirror of the same shape.14 |
The bathroom’s picture window receives light from the yellow painted stairwell. Inside the bathroom, decor is grey, white, and wood. A black bathroom vanity light complements the black window frame.15 |
The kids’ room comes alive with a mountain mural and a unique peaked headboard design.16 |
Two kid’s chairs pull up at a custom made desk that rises from the bedside cabinet and falls into matching a window seat. The beautiful arched window looks into the green atrium.17 |
An arched doorway complements the window silhouette.18 |
Visualizer: 893 Studio
The living room in our second home is separated from the atrium by modern black frame doors.19 |
The base of the atrium is a pleasant garden area with lawn and outdoor chairs.20 |
With the doors retracted, the atrium becomes part of the open plan layout.21 |
Sunlight beams down onto the modern outdoor chairs and plays over green foliage.22 |
In the kitchen diner there is an apricot colour theme weighted by black accents. A large dining chandelier and a piece of modern art dominate the room.23 |
Up in the master bedroom, modern art makes another splash over a mid century style platform bed. Chevron pattern interrupts the plain white and wood scheme in the form of a monochrome bed throw.24 |
The orange accent introduced by wall art is repeated in the seat pads of wireframe desk chairs.25 |
The next bedroom follows the same white and wood decor scheme and mid century modern furniture style.26 |
Recessed perimeter lights complement the minimalist bedroom aesthetic.27 |
A low bookcase doubles as a media cabinet.28 |
The same floor-hugging bookcase design makes an appearance in a dedicated home workspace, where it merges into a bespoke wooden desk design. A much larger bookcase stacks tall on the opposite side of the work area.29 |
Ground floor plan.30 |
First floor plan.31 |
Visualizer: 893 Studio
Our final home tour showcases an elegant living room design with great stature. A young tree is planted at the foot of a herringbone brick feature wall that climbs high into the second story of the house. Back on the ground floor, the airy grey and white lounge is grounded by an earthy brown area rug.32 |
Brown wooden accents create the base tone throughout the entire ground floor, through a modern media cabinet, coffee table, and cladding at the base of an interesting staircase design.33 |
The herringbone red brick effect also lays a patio area around the base of the atrium’s tree. A couple of small wooden stools sit in quietude at the roots.34 |
The wooden kitchen draws an U-shaped layout just off the side of the dining room. White countertops and matching backsplash keep the area light and bright.35 |
Rattan dining room pendant lights bring in a textured rustic vibe across the wooden dining table and modern dining chairs.36 |
The botanical theme has been extended to the bedrooms with the introduction of leaf art prints and potted plants. A misty grey bed softly disrupts the predominantly white decor, whilst rich wood pieces meld with a coordinating floor.37 |
Sheer drapes pull across balcony windows.38 |
Another botanical print colours a single bedroom layout.39 |
A wood slatted diving wall sections off an additional sleeping area.40 |
The bed on this side of the room has been turned around to view the light filled green atrium.