Small Scale City Chic: Apartments Under 50 Sqm (With Floor Plans)


These apartments may be small-scale, each measuring just under 50 square metres, but the crisp city vibe communicates upscale chic. Stylish furniture comfortably fits the compact footprint of the property without compromising on aesthetics. Space-saving storage ideas keep layouts clean and clear so that only beautiful elements capture attention. Our tours each feature light decor that increases the sense of space and ceiling height within the apartments. Red and blue accents disrupt the neutral backdrops to define individual areas within open plan living spaces, to liven up a bedroom statement wall with a colour blocked treatment, and to shake up a dark and moody bathroom design. Detailed floor plans included at the end of each apartment tour.

1 |
Designer: Evgenii Kravchenko
Measuring 49 square metres, our first apartment is located on the second floor of a panel building in Belarus, Minsk. The interior has a crisp, chic aesthetic, where wooden accents warm through a cool grey palette. A small but stylish grey modern sofa fills the corner of the compact living room, with storage poufs providing additional seating. A double headed swing arm wall lamp extends illumination over the full lounge layout.2 |
The Serge Mouille swing arm wall lamp is darkly complemented by a pair of black scatter cushions on the sofa. A black framed glass wall bedroom strands behind.

3 |
A circular rug echoes the outline of a round coffee table with an en vogue terrazzo top. Its wooden base adds a contrasting note of warmth.4 |
A decorative vase of dried pampas grass adds warm natural tone at the other side of the sofa.5 |
The pair of storage poufs can be pushed away underneath the TV stand to leave the limited floor space clear.6 |
In lack of a fireplace, candles add cosy glow to the focal wall. Light decor was selected to maximise the sense of space and ceiling height in the small apartment.7 |
A gold sputnik chandelier properly establishes the compact dining area as its own zone inside the kitchen. The small dining table is pushed up flat against a flexible wall of shelving and pegboard functionality.8 |
An industrial pendant light is pegged up on the board as a wall light.

9 |
The wood grain wall shelves make a perfect accompaniment to the wood table and dining chairs.10 |
An indoor plant and a tasteful fruit bowl accessorise the eating area.11 |
The one wall kitchen skims close by the eating area, but its white colourway leaves the narrow room feeling comfortably spacious.12 |
A terrazzo backsplash adds a little texture to the ice white kitchen.13 |
Black handles punctuate the white cabinets, whilst a black kitchen faucet contrasts with the white countertop.14 |
The bedroom’s glass partition visually extends the living space and shares daylight.15 |
The minimalist home office is a surprisingly generous size. White storage cabinets line one wall of the space, whilst an inviting blue sofa colours the opposite side.16 |
Wooden trestles add a natural element to the desk design.17 |
Perforated wooden doors both conceal and decorate sections of the bookcase.18 |
Red horizontal color blocking adds a vibrant touch to the bedroom. See more ideas for color blocking in interior design.19 |
The original layout of the apartment had to be kept due law and economic considerations, but a partial reorganisation of the space was achieved. A dark corridor was transformed into a wardrobe that connects the entry and living room.20 |
Decorative wall hooks fill a narrow wall behind the entryway seat.21 |
Storage systems were packed into the smallest detail.22 |
Floor plan.23 |
Visualizer: K Band
Our second apartment has a 50 square metre interior, decorated in sandy tones with some surprising colourful accents. Modern minimalism shapes a clean living room with curvaceous design elements. A round rug is mirrored by a circular ceiling light track. The beige sofa curves softly into the open plan.24 |
The smart wood faced TV wall is actually the back of the bedroom closets.25 |
A racetrack coffee table smoothly repeats the outline of the modular sofa.26 |
Red elements define the dining area from the rest of the open plan room. A red rectangular rectangular dining table and matching chairs make a hot statement against the cold white kitchen. A red rattan light shade hangs from a color coordinated painted ceiling feature. See more eye catching ideas for dining room pendant lights here.27 |
A clear vase makes a clean table centerpiece.28 |
White cabinets, white backsplash, countertop and matching white kitchen faucet make a crisp minimalist kitchen design.29 |
Frameless interior doors sit flush in white walls.30 |
A frameless mirror increases the sense of space in the small entryway.31 |
A neat entryway seat reflects in the glass, doubling its warm wood accent.32 |
Black bedroom pendant lights flank a rustic stone statement wall.33 |
A boho wall hanging drops macrame tassels over the headboard.34 |
A black linear suspension light illuminates the run of light oak wardrobes.35 |
Moving into the bathroom, an entirely different vibe comes through moody dark decor with a disruptive blue pedestal sink.36 |
White marble slabs luxuriously back the vanity area and cover a large bespoke walk in shower enclosure.37 |
Bathroom shelving towers up the side of the tall blue basin.38 |
A modern toilet camouflages within the black and white bathroom.39 |
A black shower unit and toiletries shelf contrast with the white marble wall tiles.40 |
The floor plan shows a convenient laundry unit situated between the kitchen run and the home entryway.